Saturday, July 12, 2008

First symptoms & early diagnosis

I first had definite MS symptoms in May 2003, i had just gotten married and while i didnt know it at the time, was abotu 10 days pregnant haha. my face went numb & tingley, from my mouth to my eye, right side. I thought i was having some sort of dental problem, like a tooth nerve was mess up. Doctor had no idea, and sent me to a neurologist. bu tthis time i knew i was pregnant, so i just figured it was a side effect of the pregnancy, like bells Palsy or something. Or relaxin from the pregnancy causing my nerves to relax and pinch or something. The neurologist mentioned MS and i promptly disregarded him. Since i was pregnant, they couldn't do many tests, certainly not an MRI. But he did hook electrode up to my head and zap me with electric current through my eyes, to my brain, to see how long the message took to return. I had to lie on a table and YES i flew up into the air, like those medical shows, where someone yells "CLEAR!" and zaps the body. Yes, it hurt, hahahahaha.

So i left that appt with a 'wait and see' recommendation, since there was nothing else to do. eventually, the facial numbness faded, but let me tell you IT WAS SO ANNOYING to the point of causing depression. Facial pain is very upsetting, don't ever disregard it if you know someone has it. Maybe it is becuase it is so close to your brain, LOL. Anyway, it faded and so did any concern.

I continued my pregnancy and had a normal, wonderulf, painful birth a week early, and my first child, a girl, was born in Februaru 2004. Business as usual, happily breastfed and learned to be a mother.

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