Monday, November 2, 2009

Medicine choices

Sos remember i started out on copaxone. this did not work for me back in 04. Rebif did work, but then caused depression in 09. so i stopped rebif. Right now i am faced with this decision:

stay on rebif, with major depresion, or

go on cpaxone, with the risk of it not working again, or

go on the new IV drug, which carries a 1-1000 risk of a brain infection (incurable) Or

do no meds. Thats is what i am doing now, and of course experiencing an attack of optic neuritis becaue of it.

SOOOO i will be starting copaxone soon. This was my plan all along, but it has taken so long to get it started, that while in limbo, not on neds, i had aquickie attack.

I liked copaxone becaue it had no side aeffects, (flu, depression, like rebif) and did not hurt so much to inject (the shots of ocourse hurt, bu the medicine doesnt. Rebif really hurts going in, burns.)

SBut of course the copaxone didnt help my mS while the rebif really did. I kind of have litlte choice, but my neuro says that the copaxone might just work now, so we'll see.

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