Monday, November 2, 2009

Rebif FAIL

So after my 3rd child (born june 2009) was born, i went back on rebif. This cause MAJOR depression for me this time around, so i had to stop it after 2-3 months. I was breaking down from the depression and anxiety, and starting to contemplate suicide.

i considered going to half dose, but the depression was still too strong, so i stopped it altogether, after discussing with my neurologist.

ABout 5 days later, i lost quite a lot of vision in my left eye. Well, dear reader, you may remember that i lost 'quite a bit' of vision in my right eye earlier. So now i am about even, which is pretty miserable for seeing n stuff.

So i went on oral steroids, 400 mg spread out over a week or so (this is abotu 20 times the normal dose.) STeroids make me very cranky and combative, and not at all muscular. BUT they are helping a bit with the healing, i can read text a bit now, but it is still very hard to read text whether on papaer or a backlit screen. But i can manage, and do most anything i need to do, just through a haze of static.

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